The Lexile Framework® for Reading, developed by MetaMetrics, Inc., provides a common scale for matching reader ability and text difficulty, allowing easy monitoring of student progress and ensuring reading comprehension. Recognized as the most widely adopted reading measure in use today, Lexiles are part of reading and testing programs at the district, state and federal levels. More than 100,000 books and 80 million articles have Lexile measures, and all major standardized tests can report student reading scores in Lexiles. For more information and to search for books with Lexile measures, visit www.Lexile.com.

The following chart shows the average readability of materials used in each grade level. Please note that the ranges will overlap between grades, which is typical of student reading levels and materials used in each grade.

Grade-Level Equivalents of Lexile Measures
Grade Text Measures
 1 200 to 400
 2 300 to 500
 3 500 to 700
 4 650 to 850
 5 750 to 950
 6 850 to 1050
 7 950 to 1075
 8 1000 to 1100
 9 1050 to 1150
10 1100 to 1200
11 and 12 1100 to 1300